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Sick of hearing about SEO?


Have you had umpteen sales calls and emails selling SEO & are sick to death of it?

We get client queries all the time as well as sales emails and phone calls ourselves! 

A recent SMH article warned businesses not to sign up to firms that guarantee they can get you on to the first page results of search engines (see SEO services subject of many complaints, warns Fair Trading office)

So I thought this warranted a blog post to give a few tips on what to look out for

  • Avoid guarantees

The search engines are in business to generate meaningful results for web surfers and so it is not possible to buy a top ranking and you definitely should not work with anyone who guarantees you a top position.

  • Avoid long term contracts

If their sales pitch is all smoke and mirrors, sounds to good to be true or they ask you to sign an expensive long term contract BEWARE.

  • Ask for specifics

Tell them which key phrases you want to rank for. If they recommend other phrases ask for a list and make sure these are phrases you want to rank for because if they are obsure and nobody is searching for these terms, then there is no point ranking for them. Find out exactly which strategies they propose. Eg, will they help with content generation, social media, online reviews, getting rid of poor links to your site and increasing the number or quality links. Can they also provide pay per click services to help you appear for key phrases that may be too competitive to rank for?

  • Ask for examples of their work

Find out about their experience with SEO, examples of clients they have worked for and results achieved.


It is always better to build a search engine friendly website from the start rather than trying to alter an existing website not built with SEO in mind. So when selecting an internet marketing agency to develop a new website ask questions about the range of services they offer and if SEO is part of their skill set. Ask for some case studies of who they work with and results achieved.

While Google does not publish its algorithm they do publish guides, blog posts and videos to help brands and industry professionals understand what they need to consider to be a quality, reputable site.

The key to a quality website for both the search engines and visitors is:

  • Quality content
  • Engagement with your audience
  • Offering great service that attracts high praise in online reviews
  • A quality network of links built up around the site


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